PENN International VS רולר אינטרנשיונל של פן

3,425.00 ₪
סקירה כללית

המפרט של רולר אינטרנשיונל מבית פן כולל בין היתר Quick-Shift finger tip gear change המאפשר החלפה מהילוך גבוה לנמוך בקצות האצבעות.

 • Ratcheted drag lever prevents "drag creep" caused by hours of trolling and vibrations
 • Stainless steel reel stand
 • 70VS and 80 VSW have titanium handle blank
 • Ultimate adjustable clicker available on 12 size only
 • Dura-drag washers virtually eliminate hesitation, even under extreme drag settings
 • 4 Shielded stainless steel ball bearings, 6 on size 80
 • Braid Ready to handle the strain that braided lines put on a reel


The build specification includes a Quick-Shift finger tip gear change to switch from high to low gear, and shielded stainless steel ball-bearings ensuring a smooth retrieve under pressure. The drag system has a preset knob adjustment that eliminates accidental changes to the drag setting, plus the drag is constructed using Dura Drag washers for a smooth release of line when a big fish turns and runs. The drag is also ratcheted to eliminate the chance of drag creep created by vibration when trolling, a feature requested by top skippers and crew. The Penn International VS reels also sport a non- torsion full metal body and side-plates that, under direct pressure, keep the gears aligned when battling big, heavy, deep down fish. models 70VS and 80VSW both have a titanium handle blank, and the 12 size only an adjustable line out clicker.


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