Ashdod-Yam L.T.D.

About Us

Ashdod-Yam was established in 1994 with a vision to promote water sports in the
South of Israel, and to be home to all seamen and sea lovers!
Over the years we have expended our company's fields of activity and today we deal
with a variety of fields:
We perform sea works and diving works.
Over the years since the establishment of the company we have specialized and
professionalized in the filed of marker buoys and mooring, and flashing light.
Today Ashdod-Yam is the leading company in Israel in this filed. 
The companies we represent in Israel are:
RESINEX - an Italian company who manufactures buoys, flash light and
mooring systems and sea pollution systems.
D.KORONAKIS - a Greek company who manufactures anchors, chains, ropes
and various mooring and docking systems.
CARMANAH - a Canadian company who manufactures solar marine lanterns.
Import and marketing of Marine Equipment, boats and engines.
With us you can find professional water gear, boats and engines. We try to
adapt the verity of products we import to the needs of yachtsmen and clients,
and promise to increase and improve the verity while maintaining reasonable prices.
Import and marketing of fishing Equipment.
Ashdod-Yam imports and markets fishing gear made by the best companies in
the fishing field for the top stores in Israel. We invest a lot in the enforcement
of the stores, teaching and guiding and in the professionalism of business
owners and the general fishermen of Israel.
The companies we exclusively import to Israel can be seen by pressing our
import and marketing fishing equipment button.
Sailing School.
You can study and receive licenses from the Administration of Shipping for
jet skies and boats up to 7 meters. Our success has been proven over the years
through our hundreds of students who enjoyed our personal attention and small
study groups.
Marine Insurance.
We are marine insurance agents and insure all types of watercrafts with The
Israel Land Development Ltd.
Reliability and service are why we have loyal customers all these years.
Public Beach Equipment.
Ashdod-Yam has a goal of developing and centralizing the needs required to
operate public beaches. Among our clients are the different municipalities along
the shores of Israel.
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